It Lives!

sunnfire aPFTo posted Mar 14, 18

We stopped using this site with the flop of PFO, and while they continue to try and make that game actually work, it looks like this particular effort never will. Which is sad, given the money and time a large number of us sunk into the game. 

But seeing as how we still have this site, I will be making some changes to try and use it for other gaming purposes. Adding a wiki for tabletop games, removing extraneous ranks and tags that we will no longer be using with PFO not being a thing, and so on.

I guess we will see where things go from there.

As the world turns

sunnfire aPFTo posted Feb 6, 15

Here we are a month into PFO, and what do we have to show for it? 

Gold? Gems? Hugs Tracts of... land? Well its not a swampy castle build on the ruins of those that were before. Thats what they do down in blackwood glade. We however has expanded nicely, had some fun, had some skirmishes and beaten down some escalations. On top of all that we have had excellent negotiations with those near and far. 

There will be several updates over the weekend to help every one of you scallywags stay on target and hopefully drum up some additional activity from our slow starters. This will include a map, we are still working out the details, but it will make things far easier to keep in order. We will also be rewoking the forums into their hopefully final apperance. 

We have also brought in a couple companies who shall be integrating themselves into the Kabal in some fashion or another, hopefully to stay forever. You know because we are like the herp, you can't ever really get rid of us, nor do we stay in vegas. 

So for those already involed in out PFO efforts, excellet job. Everyone else, its time to get off your ass!!

vtgamergirl sounds pretty excellent. well said, good words from our fearless leader.
Behold the winner of the naming contest, bask in its earthiness, bathe in its gladyness, and get your ass to the choppa!
We have access to our future home during Alpha, so get your butts in game, check out how things work, and group up with some Kaballers and head over to where we will be calling home for a good long while. Clear out the area, check out the terrain, and piss on all the trees. 

Game on is looming ever closer, and we want to hit the ground running. Check the forums for info, organization and general good times. Log in when you can and get your mumble on. 

We are finalizing company info and will be posting that as well, the forums will be our central hub of activity and information, so start getting used to checking in. 

We have Alpha invites coming out of our ears, so get one and get in game. 
Troust Well there isn't anything wrong with having a place smell nice
Bunibuni13th They just upgraded tonight, with trade and banks and other stuff. Get on. Get on Mumble.
Hunter Ditch the Glade! Stoneroot just sounds so much more badass. Glade is a goddamn air freshener for cryin' out loud. R...

Onward to the Tower Wars!

sunnfire aPFTo posted Aug 20, 14
Tower wars are on their way for everyone involved in Pathfinder online. In order to hit the ground running we will need a good deal of info and even more involvement from everyone. Seeing more Kabal peeps peeking in and sounding off on the paizo forums is always nice, and keeps our name on everyone's minds. As we all know from mass media, being the first to come to mind is why they spend millions on advertising, so get your behinds over there and say hi. 

Also there are several new announcements and informational posts in the forums, check them out and submit your info so we can get things situated and people in place to wreck some havoc in the tower wars. 

We have yet to name the pathfinder settlement, and there are hundreds of suggestions at this point. So sound off and lend support to your favorites. 

On a non-game specific note, I am looking for feedback on our logo, this will be used and feed into any and all of our games so check it out, and post of submit your feedback to me. 

Off to shoot more exiles in the face. 
Yelta Ok, gotcha. I can see that thread and I will take a look. The reason I asked about the one at the top of this page is t...
sunnfire aPFTo
sunnfire aPFTo Nope... there is one in the forums... not sure if recruits can see it... ill check.
Allright People. Sunday is the day. Week 10 finishes and we lock in our final Hex choice and we see where we end up on Monday. 

We are currently 9th, and pushing out way higher. For the LR2 race specifically, 9th=6th, so we are 6th in line to pick from our draft list. This is excellent, but I know there are a bunch more of you that are interested in playing and just have not pulled the trigger on joining up for EE. 

The extra time in to learn the game is huge, the extra XP, also huge. I sold my Even account for a lot of money because of the invested XP time. Just to give you an example of how much that stuff matters, people are willing to pay for it. 

So, give out our info to your friends and even random people you meet in the elevator. We need hundreds of people for OE, so even if you are just planting the seeds now for when people decide to check the game out, put our name in their heads so we get first crack at them. 

Hunter Now 8th place with authority!
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