Final Countdown... for realz.

By sunnfire aPFTo - Posted Aug 1, 14
Allright People. Sunday is the day. Week 10 finishes and we lock in our final Hex choice and we see where we end up on Monday. 

We are currently 9th, and pushing out way higher. For the LR2 race specifically, 9th=6th, so we are 6th in line to pick from our draft list. This is excellent, but I know there are a bunch more of you that are interested in playing and just have not pulled the trigger on joining up for EE. 

The extra time in to learn the game is huge, the extra XP, also huge. I sold my Even account for a lot of money because of the invested XP time. Just to give you an example of how much that stuff matters, people are willing to pay for it. 

So, give out our info to your friends and even random people you meet in the elevator. We need hundreds of people for OE, so even if you are just planting the seeds now for when people decide to check the game out, put our name in their heads so we get first crack at them. 

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