Onward to the Tower Wars!

By sunnfire aPFTo - Posted Aug 20, 14
Tower wars are on their way for everyone involved in Pathfinder online. In order to hit the ground running we will need a good deal of info and even more involvement from everyone. Seeing more Kabal peeps peeking in and sounding off on the paizo forums is always nice, and keeps our name on everyone's minds. As we all know from mass media, being the first to come to mind is why they spend millions on advertising, so get your behinds over there and say hi. 

Also there are several new announcements and informational posts in the forums, check them out and submit your info so we can get things situated and people in place to wreck some havoc in the tower wars. 

We have yet to name the pathfinder settlement, and there are hundreds of suggestions at this point. So sound off and lend support to your favorites. 

On a non-game specific note, I am looking for feedback on our logo, this will be used and feed into any and all of our games so check it out, and post of submit your feedback to me. 

Off to shoot more exiles in the face. 
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