All paths lead to Stoneroot Glade

By sunnfire aPFTo - Posted Sep 24, 14
Behold the winner of the naming contest, bask in its earthiness, bathe in its gladyness, and get your ass to the choppa!
We have access to our future home during Alpha, so get your butts in game, check out how things work, and group up with some Kaballers and head over to where we will be calling home for a good long while. Clear out the area, check out the terrain, and piss on all the trees. 

Game on is looming ever closer, and we want to hit the ground running. Check the forums for info, organization and general good times. Log in when you can and get your mumble on. 

We are finalizing company info and will be posting that as well, the forums will be our central hub of activity and information, so start getting used to checking in. 

We have Alpha invites coming out of our ears, so get one and get in game. 
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