As the world turns

By sunnfire aPFTo - Posted Feb 6, 15

Here we are a month into PFO, and what do we have to show for it? 

Gold? Gems? Hugs Tracts of... land? Well its not a swampy castle build on the ruins of those that were before. Thats what they do down in blackwood glade. We however has expanded nicely, had some fun, had some skirmishes and beaten down some escalations. On top of all that we have had excellent negotiations with those near and far. 

There will be several updates over the weekend to help every one of you scallywags stay on target and hopefully drum up some additional activity from our slow starters. This will include a map, we are still working out the details, but it will make things far easier to keep in order. We will also be rewoking the forums into their hopefully final apperance. 

We have also brought in a couple companies who shall be integrating themselves into the Kabal in some fashion or another, hopefully to stay forever. You know because we are like the herp, you can't ever really get rid of us, nor do we stay in vegas. 

So for those already involed in out PFO efforts, excellet job. Everyone else, its time to get off your ass!!

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