We are nearing the end of the land rush, and we are fighting for our spot in the top 10. The higher the better. So get off your asses and get signed up in the Goblin Works website. Any of our guys and girls who you know might want to play, get them involved early. 
Early access is a year or more and there is no wipe, You will keep everything you earn and everything we build in our settlement. 

We are also looking to bring in groups and companies to flesh out our numbers and bring some variety to our settlement. 

So get to it people!

Pathfinder Online!

sunnfire aPFTo posted Jun 10, 14
We are actively recruiting for Pathfinder online, and specifically for the land rush that is currently going on.
We are late to the show, but by no means out of the race, and out of the 154 current guilds in the land rush, in less than a day we are currently 26th. That's with just about half of the people I know joined the kickstarter, and have just not yet gotten off their butts and set up their goblinworks accounts.

For those coming to the site to check us out. The Kabal has been around for a long time, in many incarnations. Previous to WOW even (which was before my time). We liked the name, so we have kept it; and for the most part a lot of the core players are the same people, just migrating games, or in some case just adding more games to the pile.

That being said, we are a semi-serious set of casual players.

What does that mean? Well let me put it this way, we always end up doing end game content, though not typically first. We always do well in PVP and rankings.. but we are not typically number 1. Why? Because we are semi-serious. Most of our members are skilled, but have real-lives. Most of our members are focused, but will not loose their minds when someone pulls incorrectly and wipes the raid. That and we make fun of each other... a lot, or in my case say totally inappropriate things in guild chat.

For pathfinder Online, the guild structure will be a dual ring council, and we will be NG. Mainly because it gives us a great deal of options and flexibility. We are good guys. Sometimes, some of us get our hands dirty, some more than others.
We will gladly accept individual applications, or group applications from smaller guilds or groups. Small guilds or groups will be brought in relatively whole, and have their guild leader automatically brought onto the council so they will have a direct influence of the direction of their new family, and not be absorbed anonymously into something they later regret.

We are just moving to this site, and will have members coming in as they sign up and forums up and running for discussions and such soon.

In the mean time.

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